Mobile app «Hozirt»

The project was exactly as we like — an interesting and non-standard task and a quick solution

What if you want to fill your online store with unique product photos? Hire a photographer? It's long and expensive. Search for the photos you need on the Internet? Request photos from suppliers? There must be a simple and convenient way


Of course, there is. Now everyone has a phone in their pocket with a decent camera. Take a white background, set it behind the desired product. Click - and it is already on the website!

The application was required only for Android, so we decided to use the Google specifications. In the shortest possible time, based on material design, we assembled a prototype and approved the layouts

We find the desired product by name or item number and take pictures. All you need to do is place objects on a white background and take photos of them. So now we have product photos that can be used as content for the site

Of course, there is an editor with functions for cropping, changing brightness, and contrast. If necessary, you can take several frames and delete unsuccessful

The result

No need to waste time selecting photos, no need to even process them, no need to wait for the photographs to be collected by the photographer, no need to search for photos on the Internet, no need to ask suppliers to send photos.

Now the client has a mobile application that makes it easy to fill an online store with photos of goods by an untrained employee in a wholesale warehouse