This client is not quite ordinary for us — he wanted only development without design because he a designer in his team.
We prefer to carry out the projects for which we create design ourselves. The fact is that we have a very close-knit team: designers always work in close cooperation with programmers, so there are no solutions in our design layouts that would unreasonably raise the cost of development due to some features or would work not as it was described by the designer. Fortunately, the designer was professional, so the collaboration went well

About the process

First, preparatory work was carried out with the customer. Although he already had some application ideas for his rather successful business, they needed to be structured and refined. Therefore, we got in touch over the telephone with him several times, and during the calls we made a mental map of the application

We also need to accurately estimate the cost sheet for the Customer. So, we agreed on the functionality, prices, terms, signed a contract, and got down to work

First, the customer and his designer drew a test prototype of the application. We began to describe it in the terms of reference (TOR), asked clarifying questions, suggested how to do better, using our considerable experience and knowledge regarding user experience and marketplace requirements. We got a very well-thought-out prototype, so it was (probably) pretty easy to make design layouts

Only after the finished design layouts and the agreed TOR, we proceed to development. We used to try simultaneous development, but this did not lead to anything good. The development is delayed, both parties are unhappy with the process and the result. Therefore, grudge no time and effort for creating design layouts and technical specifications together with the developer, this is a critical stage

A little about the application and the customer. The customer already had a working household waste removal business. He worked with the help of a previously developed website, but it was decided to make an application for Couriers - users who take out the trash and for Customers because it is much more convenient

If the application is installed, users can receive notifications, for example, when the time for garbage disposal is approaching (users do not need to manually set themselves "reminders" or keep information in their head), they can pay for an order or a subscription right in the app. For couriers, a convenient work process has been built - starting with an order card (you can build a route to the desired house), to supporting the order e.g. customer claims, etc.)

In the course of development, the Customer had problems with the withdrawal of funds for couriers. We had to jointly come up with another way out, agree with the customer to go beyond the paid hours and deadlines due to changes in the payment system. But in the end, everything worked out, the result you can see in the app

We've noticed that the customers we love are very reluctant to leave us and ask for modifications to their software over and over again. As a result, for this client, we have already made an additional small website with an automated workplace for their other project on a similar topic. And very soon a small sprint will start with improvements to the YaVynesu

application. If you have any idea or you want to modify an existing business by automating some part of it or transferring some processes to remote work, write to us right now, together we will solve your task